A Scoundrel’s Welcome

If I am to begin on an honest note, I guess I can only describe myself as a scruffy looking, scoundrel and Raconteur. Which is perhaps why I recently took the decision to leave my former employment. In a no doubt familiar story to many, the company I work for wanted more and more of my time without any additional compensation. I on the other hand wanted to fulfil the contracted hours and yearned for more balanced lifestyle between work and play. Unfortunately, there was no way past this impasse, so we elected to travel different roads.

Alas there is no need to get into the deep of that, as it serves little purpose. I raise it however as it is required to set the scene of where I find myself. At the current juncture in the road, drained both mentally and physically (not to mention I am carrying a lot more timber than previously used to), I believe a different turn is needed to be taken. Some time to re-assess one’s current heading or at least not rush back into something that would more than likely be much the same (even if it does offer nice financial securities). I can’t say I am yet to find my true heading, but I am moving forward on a road that I am more passionate about.

During my working confinement one of my joys after a long day was the joy of the evening escapism into video games. Having returned to gaming after a long hiatus I re-discovered my love of this medium, especially of classics I missed playing upon their originally release or all the fresh and intriguing Indies now on offer. Therefore, craving a creative outlet, I have started some new endeavours.

Firstly, I have put together this humble little blog in which you now read. My (extremely) rough guide for this is to purvey you with my thoughts on games + what media I’ve taken in each month. In addition I’ve also created an essential list of games (in my mind) that I want complete before I croak. All of that will be interspersed with the classical ye olde journey of self-discovery (or not I may just discover the answer is 42 and turn back) and general thoughts of the times we live.

Secondly on a less rough and ready more thought through front I sought out an old friend (the ineffable Biffman) and am collaborating with him on the Collection Chamber website + YouTube. Here we create a cacophony of veritable different gaming content delights from both past and present in written, video or downloadable form (A link to that site is below).

At this point I’ve prattled on and taken up far too much of your time all in a verbose way to basically say I like games, so am going to write + make videos about them. So, with that I will offer my goodbyes, take my leave and hope you stick around to read my future rambunctious ramblings.


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